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I love when @justinduprie & @joshyyyb leave clothes at my house so I have something to wear 😂 #brothersisterlove

Help! A bomb went off in my closet! #springclean Shop le damsels closet on the blog SOON!!!

This little piggy snuck up in to bed last night. #williampotato

Mahvelous Maillots on le damsel today!

The happiest @catalinalinasu

Happy birthday to @catalinalinasu !!!!

My beautiful beautiful girls @catalinalinasu @iamcattsadler

Check out my feature on @whowhatwear #dressedfor #party in @armaniexchange

I spy @modernica chairs at MeChe gettin hair did with @dyed_itsyb

On ze blog tomorrow: Coming off my rocky mountain high in @jamesjeans @jcrew @gap

Okay Mom, I’m ready to go home.

Our plane is late & William is pissed.

My first outfit of 2013. Swanky. 🏂

Let’s do it.

Looking at my man looking forward to a happy 2013.

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